budget friendly in the city centre of Vienna

It doesn’t take much to find some comfy, charming and classical, let’s call it vintage, like everyone does in this day and age. I can tell you hundreds of this sort of hotel in Vienna, but each of them will be priced high enough to say, ’no thanks, darling‘.

Well, listen up, guys! There is one gorgeous and mind-blowing hotel in the city center of Vienna, I can recommend to any of you – the ‘Motel One Wien-Staatsoper’. The price seems ridiculous low compared to the other Hotels at this location.

The Rooms are terrific and the breakfast is simply tasty with typical viennese food.

The ‘Motel One Wien-Staatsoper’ is located just 1 minute away from Vienna’s opera house and further 2 minutes from the fancy shopping promenade ‘Kärntnerstraße’.

~80€ per night per room.

hotel room, Motel One Wien-Staatsoper

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